Broken Rule #1

My Advice

WEEK #1 - BROKEN RULE #1 - My Own Advice: I keep being reminded that as a professional artist that there are RULES I have to follow. One of those rules I am being told is that I am not creating original art if I use another photographers photo even with exclusive copyright release. I beg to differ. We all have our ideas of what makes the "best" art. Some of my art is from my own photo.. some is not. Some competitions make rules and some galleries have rules. We can chose to play or not play when it comes to those competitions and galleries. But I'm all about breaking rules.. I think most artists are a little bit rebellious anyway! So I say.. if you have copyright release (permission from the photographer) and you feel like creating ORIGINAL art using that reference GO FOR IT! grin emoticon You are the artist.. it's your call! Be creative. I guarantee even if 100 other artists attempt to draw from that same photo.. their art will look different because it's their OWN ORIGINAL interpretation of that photo! Happy drawing! Be a little bit rebellious!